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Monday, March 24, 2014


With the cries for LGBT rights steadily on the rise, unsurprisingly, the newest movement in popular culture is “Straight Pride.”  As I ingest the arguments from both sides of the fence I can’t help but wonder:  In a so called modern and progressive world; why does any human have to fight to be considered equal to another?

Why exactly, are we up in arms about the rights and freedom of homosexuals?

Unless I’m mistaken, equal rights for the LGBT community do not mean that it’s no longer acceptable to be straight.  Just as black rights never meant that it was no longer acceptable to be white.  We live in a free world.  In order to maintain freedom, it is essential that every individual is held in equality against all others in accordance with the law.  The law is not a matter of personal convictions. 

Personally, I believe that it is natural in the eyes of the God whom I serve for a man to be paired with a woman.  I don’t agree with the notion of being open to same sex relations or to cross gender living.  But that’s a matter of my personal conviction.  The same freedoms which allow me the right to stand up and state my conviction should be allowed also to persons of “alternate” lifestyles.  The same legislation that allow me—a black woman in a free society—the liberty of living as I choose, should also be applied to my kinsmen and countrymen alike.  And that’s all the fight for LGBT rights is about; freedom and equality.  It’s not about morale, religion or any other personal belief.  It’s not a question of whether or not God will destroy the world if we allow gay people to become constitutionally equal to straight people—our hatred and discourse with each other has already destroyed it enough, I think.

And I do take it with great humor that so called Christians are often among the strongest opponents of gay rights—Christians are after all, another once minority group who were persecuted for their belief.  In many ways in our so called modern society, they still are.  I find it difficult to comprehend how a Christian person can cast the proverbial stones of judgment against another person because they differ by conviction.  But I suppose as the saying goes; we must never forget where we come from.  

Underneath it all, gay people are just people.  Just as black people are just people and women and children are just people and Christians, Muslims and Jews are all just people.  God asks that as individuals, we let our light shine so that all can see.  He never instructed us to tell others where to shine their light. 
Or in other words--as the urban kids would probably say; “worry ‘bout yaself.”
Our duty in this life is to serve God through others, not ourselves.
The same hell that will hold unrighteous gays will also hold unrighteous straights…and fallen saints.

Gay rights have nothing to do with principal—it’s a matter of law.  Plain and simple.  On principal and morale, we will always remain separated, and there’s no harm in that.  But the fight for freedom is about creating a world where every man, woman and child can live without fear of expressing their own personal desires. I find it apropos to mention that the freedom of mankind is built continuously upon the backs of those who dare to fight for it.  But how long will mankind need to fight for the right to be of mankind?

I am a straight person who believes in God Almighty (The God of Abraham and the creator of this world) and I am saying this because I believe that it must be said.  While I may choose to not stand in the street and fight with gays for gay rights, I certainly hold no conviction to stand against them; nor do I comprehend the intention of those who choose to do so.

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