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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Ambivalence of Truth & Reality

Location: Nassau, The Bahamas
...As told ambiguously by an optimistic hermit of pessimisms... 

Conventional wisdom teaches us that we don’t have to make our own mistakes to learn.  Every waking moment is an opportunity to absorb someone else’s disarticulations, miscalculations, misjudgments or miscalculated lack of articulated judgment.  And yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to learn from other people’s mistakes…unless of course

”You think you’re better than others”…? 

I take it with good humor, that people use this expression so frequently.  Whether they use it correctly or not; is an entirely different subject.

Our most humanly and incredulous nature leads us to believe that our biggest critics (aka. my haters—another subject on its own) will never know what it’s like ‘to walk a mile in my shoes.’  Meaning, that they will never understand the challenges I face. 
Wouldn’t it be lovely though?...To see our ‘enemies’ broken by our conquests?  To know with certainty that only few can actually walk this less beaten path?  Well, at least, that’s according to he who clearly walks the path!  Naturally of course, no one knows suffering like those whom have suffered.  

‘He who feels it knows’…?

But to see your enemies crumble under the weight of your struggles, your pain, your hardship, your sufferings…And to hear them say in the end; ‘You did better than most.’  To know with certainty that; ‘I am stronger.’ (Not better of course—because only egocentric narks believe themselves better than others.)  But to know that though equal to all men, I have found victory in my approach, without becoming beyond reproach!  I wonder...For someone else to walk in your shoes? 

And wouldn’t it be incredibly fortuitous too…if they were able to wear your shoes more graciously than you?!

Well at any cost, that journey begins with first learning to walk in someone else’s shoes.
Every life is a journey.  Perhaps it would bode well to first consider that if you have no desire to walk in someone else’s shoes, it would be entirely preposterous to expect that anyone will have the desire to walk; even within the boundaries of imagination; in yours.  And perhaps it would be well also to consider that, in the beginning, you refused to learn from other people’s mistakes.  So why should anyone give thought to the miles you’ve walked and the shoes you’ve worn while walking them?

‘The world is a cycle’…?

We can’t control the way other people behave, what they think or the things they say.  But we have absolute control of our own actions, our own thoughts and our own words.  And the way we fashion the world around us, will determine the world we live in.  But there is a great separation among men.  Although, separation is nothing to be feared or objected to.  It exists as a result of the power of choice.  To expect that all men and all things can be equal one must also be willing to accept the absence of choice.   But of course, I expect that we would all like to remain free to ruin our own lives…pardon me...I meant to say; make our own mistakes.  Right?

‘To thy own self, be true.’…?? 

Life requires balance—an equal acknowledgement of the things you agree with and the things you do not…including other people’s opinions and other people's opinions of you.  And including all things you invoke in yourself and all things you detest in others.  But certainly as surely as you have your own opinions, others will have theirs as well. 

‘We should accept (everyone) for who they are.’…?

Consider that the person you consider your biggest enemy (aka your hater) may in fact be your greatest ally.  Just be mindful of the things he says above the reason he says them or (most importantly) the way in which he says them.  It is after all, ultimately our own emotion that will leave us feeling despised. 
And instead of waiting for someone to walk a mile in your shoes, try walking a mile in theirs…you may be surprised at how far you will get—or not.

Don’t knock it until you try it’

The moral of the story:  “When you don’t like something, change it.  If you can’t change it…change the way you think about it.” Double entendre!

PS.  If you detest any other person’s lifestyle or behavior (which most of us do), then you really shouldn’t hold another person in contempt for detesting your own lifestyle or behavior…unless of course…”You think you’re better than others.

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