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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


"…a disposition to behave in the right manner and as a mean between extremes of deficiency and excess, which are vices…" ~ Official definition of Aristotle's theory of virtue


We find that the purpose of desire is to find fulfilment.  
If greed is a vice, then how could pleasure be called a virtue?  
And the sacchariferous climax of fulfillment—however brief, however fleeting—can also be easily mistaken for happiness.  So what is virtue?

There is an absolute power, above that of human existence.  Whether it is a god or anything else; our existence pivots at this median.  
It is a point that we can neither reach nor change because its purpose is balance and therefore,   it must remain constant.  
For the need of pleasure and fulfilment, we cannot judge ourselves...
because we will not know how to find the balance between the virtue and the vice.

Love is a mean to bring value and purpose to our lives.  That purpose defines more than what we are, but also what we can become.  When we lose something we love, our reaction is indicative of the way we love.   When life remains the same, then perhaps we did not love afterall.  If life becomes better, then maybe we loved ourself more.  But when we lose what we love, and are broken until the earth moves beneath our feet and we forget that there is purpose in all things; then we know that we have given our heart in whole, and we have loved unconditionally. 

The meaning of life can not be defined as one thing by one definition.  The meaning of life is relative...it is relative to the purpose of that life.  
Purpose is a journey.  
What makes a journey matter most is the path we choose to take.  
Sometimes we give ourselves purpose and other times, purpose is given to us.  
But if we are unable to center our existence  - or to find balance - then we may never understand purpose.

When we choose to serve only ourselves, selfishly, living for fulfilment and pleasure; then vices become our virtue.  When we choose to put our faith in a god, then through this god, should our love for mankind be known -- because the love of god is in the people of god.  If we chose to serve others in whole, and selflessly, not regarding god or ourselves; our vice will again be our virtue, because we choose to live for the things around us and ignore the things inside of us.

Human carnal desires consist of comfort, validation, knowledge and power.
The purpose of a life's is to learn that as I am, so too is my brother in humanity.
So what I deserve, all of mankind deserves as well.

To find comfort, we must learn discomfort.
To be validated, we must learn to validate others.
To find knowledge, we must accept that we do not know.
And to gain power, we must learn the servitude of submission.

When we find our center -- the median between the vice and the virtue -- there we will also find the meaning of life.

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Lux @ Bared My Soul said...

This has been beautifully written by a wise heart.

Nevy Dames said...

Thank you Lux.
That's very kind of you to say!