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Thursday, February 27, 2014

DRUNK IN WHAT? (Mild language)

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Perspective…as in: What you sippin on?

Perspective is a very serious thing.  In order to maintain balance in a healthy mind, we need to understand how to weigh perspective.

Popular culture’ is not really my stick.  Even still, in a recent forum I almost got tricked into defending (gasps) Beyonce.  Loll.  I’m not even a fan of hers…anymore.  But here was this guy, making the most uncalled for and unnecessarily derogatory comments to the point that I actually felt insulted as a woman and a mother to be in his virtual presence.  I have a hard time deciding whether or not people honestly believe that the media is the primary source of moral decay in our society.  Personally, I believe that humankind is the cause for the moral decay of society.  In my view, it doesn’t matter what band wagon you jump on…a band wagon is a band wagon.  And the fact that you have to wait for someone else to form an opinion (i.e. a band wagon) before you decide to have one is of no greater value than not having an opinion at all.  I believe that when a person stands up for something, at the very least, we should try to make sense of our conviction. 

Now, about Beyonce’s last album; yes, it was nasty as hell.  Yes, the messages she convey with her lyrics as well as in her videos, as a matter of principal, are inappropriate for a respectable lady, wife and mother to publicize.  Of course, that’s argumentative depending upon one’s personal perspective of respectability.  But at the end of the day, the woman is an entertainer…she’s out there trying to make some money.  It doesn't matter if she's wrong or right; sex sells.  The odd thing about consumerism is that you can’t force a person to buy something that they’re not willing to pay for.   Some people are slaves to popular culture while others are intent on being slaves to opposing popular culture.  There's no such truth as a lesser of two evils.

Reality check:  Is it Beyonce’s fault, that as a mother I don’t have the cognizance to explain to my daughters that she is not a respectable role model? Or that if they go out on these streets trying to get drunk in love, they’re sure to get something else?  No. That’s my fail as a parent.  Is it Beyonce’s fault that there are females in our society who feel that because Beyonce say it in her song or do it in her video that means it must be right to do it in real life?  Is it her fault that these females don’t understand that if you live in the bottoms but you try your hardest to imitate the top influencer of hip hop media, you come out looking like…some type of ratchet?  No.  We can’t blame Beyonce because grown ass women don’t know how to act.

Beyonce doesn’t hold herself accountable for the imbeciles who imitate her in real life and she makes no apologies for the things she does or says.  So what’s the point in trying to hold someone to a standard of principal that they do not have?  There are many entertainers out there whose lives and behaviors can be appreciated as positive role models.  But we don’t pay much attention to those people because they can’t booty shake the way she does and we want our money’s worth!  Further to that, she doesn’t offer herself as a positive role model (that’s argumentative depending on your perspective of positivism) and that’s her damned choice—just like it’s every consumer’s choice to support her by buying her brand, or not. 

It seriously humors me the way some women (generally speaking) respond to Beyonce.  They imitate her to the tee…they’re on the streets with the remi and in the club with the freak um dress on, they praise her lyricism (however shallow) and defend her every move, they try to dance like her, they try to walk like her, they want a relationship like B and J, they want to be the Bonnie to somebody’s Clyde, they want to be all drunk in love and shit like that.  But somehow, it always escapes these females that Beyonce Knowles is actually married to Shawn Carter.  Like…in real life…she’s not faking that…she’s married.  Why aren’t these women out there trying to imitate that?  Do they not realize that Beyonce can get as nasty as she want on the beach with her husband while their kid is at home with the nanny…but that act doesn't have quite the same affect when you out there doing the same thing with a different random man?  <<<That’s not a judgment.

Bottom line is;
We can’t blame other people for our lack of perspective
We can’t blame other people for our lack of perspective.
We can’t blame other people for our lack of perspective
It’s really not Beyonce’s fault that she’s smart enough to know how to tax the sheeple.  If you see yourself as a person with principals and standards that don’t match up to what someone else exhibits, then you’re well within your right to disassociate yourself from them.  And it’s not about being better than other people; it’s about learning to stand on your own two feet.  It doesn’t matter what kind of person you choose to be in life; my choices will forever reflect my own value and not anyone else’s.  But when you stand by something make sure that it’s what you stand for.  And if you don’t have the nerve to do that then you shouldn’t have the nerve to tell me to not judge you…because from my perspective, you look some kind a stupid. <<< NOW I’m judging you!!

I’m just saying!

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M. said...

Beyonce is a business woman, plain and simple, and as you say sex sells. The bigger picture is why are the consumers buying the image as reality instead of just as an image? Lack of education about how life really works? Unfortunately life (and technology) have made it much harder to help your children separate the truth from the dross. We have to "step up" our parent game.

And by the way, YES, that was a judgement.

ExposeYourself said...

loooks like Disqus is working well :)

Nevy Dames said...

Step up our parenting game indeed. But not just parents...adults need to focus more as well.

And uh...no...it wasn't - I was just calling it as I see it, plain and simple.

Thanks for the comments M.

Nevy Dames said...

:) Yes...Far less intimidating than I assumed it would be.
Thanks for checking in!

Alexis said...

Its true, sex does sell