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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Few things in human existence trump the majesty and prestige of birth.  New life is a wondrous gift that can not (or should not) be neither compared to, nor compromised with any other aspect of life. 

The birth of a child is like the pursuit of happiness: we know what to expect, we know how to prepare, but somehow the grandeur of what new life truly is never really fills us until we arrive at that very moment.  With happiness, we first choose to be happy.  We then pursue what makes us happy.  Then one day – although we were expecting it – the grandeur of happiness suddenly fills us up, and simultaneously, shakes us to our very core!  True happiness rejuvenates our existence.  And new life redefines the meaning of life.

Throughout our lives, we make decisions and pursue interests with the sole intent on growing the contentment that is inside of us.  When we do this, we often come to find that one of the most difficult things to do in such a fast pace world is to slow down and take a breath.  More so, when we are able to steal such a moment to ourselves and to breathe a slow and careful breath, it only serves to make us wonder; what really is the meaning of this life? 

Every man has a heart. Inside of every man’s heart is life.  And every life has many purposes.  We have a purpose in our careers; in our social status; in our social welfare and in the lives of the people who live around us.  Every choice we make is made for the reason of defining that purpose.  And each time we are able to distinguish our purpose; we breathe just a little bit easier, and wonder just a little bit less.  We fall into a place of contentment - a place that is not unlike the spectacle of birth or the acquisition of happiness.  We fall into a space that takes our breath away.


***Essay from the series "The Meaning of Life" produced by The Public Blogger***

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Lux @ Bared My Soul said...

That's a beautiful way of describing the meaning of life, Nevy. Life is happiness. And giving life is like the pursuit of happiness.

Nevy Dames said...

Thank you Lux!