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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Where Strength Lies

My life is such that I often wonder how some people would get by without me. When its broken, I fix it. When its empty, I fill it. I carry the weight and take the responsibility when things go wrong. I do so silently without asking anything in return because I've learned to accept that some people simply don't know how to do it on their own.

This is my love: I don't say, I do.

But sometimes the strong isn't always so strong and sometimes the brave isn't always so fearless. It angers me sometimes that if I were to die today or tomorrow, these people would weep over my grave. But I am here, now, today, in this moment, where my name is called mostly when I'm needed. And my biggest fear is that tomorrow, I may not care so much to stand in someone else's shadow. That's when they start to hate you...I've seen it many times.

No matter how much pride you have, always recognise who is on your side. People get so caught up in the sound of words that they weigh them carelessly. When we go to battle, we face forward. But when the smoke clears and your enemy is no longer before you; look behind you. So the next time you fight and loose, you'll understand better exactly what it is you've lost.

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