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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holiday

Here's to wishing all those who celebrate in the Christmas holiday; a very happy and prosperous holiday!

Here's to those who do not celebrate in the Christmas holiday; may the warmth and cheer of the season fill you none the less!

Here's to those who hold sacred, the birth of The Christ; may his spirit be with you as he fills your lives!

May we all have the heart to love and the words to care, regardless of our belief.
May we remember to be our brother's keeper
and may we learn together that compassion has no season.
May we learn together, to give of ourselves while asking nothing in return
so that we may better understand selflessness.
May we learn to see the humor in all the silly things around us.
But more importantly, may we learn to laugh at ourselves.
And may we continue to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

If you move by faith, be blessed.
If you move by fate, good luck.
If you march to your own drum, be safe.

May your hearts overflow like your glasses as you celebrate!
May your home be stuffed like your turkey!
And may your memories be as sweet as your cookies!

Happy Holiday to all!

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