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Monday, September 16, 2013

Fairy Tales

Location: Nassau, The Bahamas

Supposedly; every girl dreams of a 'happily ever after.'  The thought quite literally disgusts allot of the females I know.  Not that I blame them.  The world we live in leaves very little room for women to dream of rainbows and butterflies – or retain hope that unicorns do exist.  It’s somewhat humorous in fact, when we take the time to explore the evolution of women’s suffrage and the things we left behind to gain the things we have. But that’s for another day. 

For the record, I most certainly believe in fairy tales. From the perspective of the very exhausting and challenging reality of today's hyper-evolving society however, it is not at all difficult to understand why so many assume that fairy tales are myths.  But evidently, that is only as true as we make it to be. 

The one common denomination in every fairy tale is that love triumphed where most would have expected it to fail.  That assumption pretty much generalizes every relationship in modern civilization!  Fitting our lives into the life of another with one common goal is no easy task.   A bigger problem is that most of us don’t even believe in love any more - much less expect to find it.  And those of us who dare believe in it...have no clue on where to find it!  In fact, it may be staring us in the face at this very moment...sitting next to us...walking past us...But because we have such a hard time defining it, we can't recognize it.  It quietly passes us by.  We fall so easily into relationships, checking off a man’s value one trait at a time - chasing relentlessly the modern notions of what a good man is/ should be/ can be - only to find that a man’s character, his intention and his worth can all so easily be disguised – ruining little by little our perception of a brave prince charming.  

In the fairy tales, every fair maiden or damsel in distress is duly rescued by a prince charming.  But in our reality, the maidens and damsels are all strong and independent and much too wise to be distressed.  'The audacity of prince charming to think that a 21st century woman needs any man to recue her!  Maybe it is himself who needs to be recued from his prehistoric notions of romance!'  But of course, we are far too busy with our careers at the moment to suffer the destitution of a man’s yearning heart.  We don’t need to be swept away because it simply takes up too much time.  We don’t need to be wooed with poetry or lulled with song because, what man is any good at it anyway?  In fact, we don’t need a man at all...we gingerly schedule one in on lonely nights – anything more is a matter of convenience.  

But alas, the problem arises that somewhere within the high towers of our ignored and useless hearts, we long still for the things we have no need of.  Without reason, we wish still for the things we never expect. And although love may be a myth; we hope silently that perhaps we may be wrong.

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