As I journey into introspection..."When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are then challenged to change ourselves."


Friday, November 1, 2013

Mission: Rescue Humanity

Location: Nassau, The Bahamas
Persecution - Irving Norman 1950. Oil on canvas.

As I look around...on the streets, on face book and other social media I note with a taste of sorrow that people are growing weary of people.  The anger and the hate is wearing us all down I see.  Do you know that hatred and anger are of the devil?  Even if you do not believe in God Almighty, do you know that the prayers you send out feed the deity that accepts them?  Or, the kind of energy you give off expands around you?  So when you act with anger and hatred, you are not only causing it to grow and fester among your 'enemies', but within yourself as well.

Often times, we look at our lives when we are in a bad situation and we tell ourselves that we don't deserve to be here.  But how often is that sincerely true?  How many Jobs’ walk among us?  By every principal - religious or not - everything comes full circle -- even the long arm of the law.  At any given moment, it is easy to respond to the negative vibes that others give out with negativity. And while we may feel vindicated in doing so at the time,
we should take care to know that we will with certainty reap what we sow in the future.

None are perfect--we have all made mistakes.  This is why as human beings we all have challenges to face or demons to fight down. But do you know that at this very moment, you have the power to decide your fate?  Whatever it is you are faced with, you have the power to turn the tables in your favor. I don't know anything about everything, and I do not yet know how to live a life that is full of grace and riches.  But what I do know is that when life knocks you down you have 2 very real choices: You can stay down--and rant and rage on about how unfair others are to you; blame someone else for where you are.  Or, you can get up and move away from what it is that knocked you down to begin with. Yes, it's much easier said than done.  But this is why I choose to be where I am now....Letting Go of Gone.

Some of us may feel like we're on top of the world today, but what is it that you have done to get there? What have you forgotten to do?  How many did you hurt? How many have you knocked down? 

Remember The Golden Rule....

We're all human people, so lets be good to mankind.

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