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Monday, December 30, 2013

Letting Go of 2013

Location: Nassau, The Bahamas
As the journey of a new year begins, I take the time to reflect on my past; the things I’ve lost, and the things I’ve gained.  Moving forward, it is my hope that both will lead me ultimately to where I want to be…despite the fact that I am not able to thoroughly define where that place is at this time.


Nearly two years ago, in February of 2011, I made a choice to become a better person.  Not for myself, but for my children.  I am a single mother, who was raised by a poor single mother, who was also born to a poor single mother.  I am not proud of my heritage.  Therefore, I do not wish the same for my daughters.  They say that this life I live is an endless cycle but I am determined to break this cycle so that my daughters may have an opportunity to start a new one.  And so, I have embarked on a journey of introspection, focusing on meditation and philosophy, to help me to better understand how I may achieve my goal.

I have learned much about me since this journey began.  My most compelling revelations have come with recognizing and making an effort to understand my flaws and my weaknesses—those things that prohibit me in being who I truly want to be.

I began this blog with a very rigid post in which I attempted to define precisely what it means to be a better person.  With time, and with help from friends and strangers alike; all of whom I note do care for me no less; I find myself closer to understanding what it means.

Becoming a better person means that I must learn to stand by the conviction of principal.  Not for myself, but to defend the needs of those who are not able—if not for lack of courage, for lack of wisdom or for lack of opportunity—to stand for themselves.  To be a better person, is to learn to live for others.

In 2013, I have also learned these very important things:

1.                  It is more important to listen than it is to speak.
2.                  It is important to speak up for what is right, good, just, moral, fair, Godly…
3.                  Just because something is acceptable, does not make it right, or good, or just, or moral, or fair, or Godly…
4.                  Very rarely do people say what they mean or mean what they say.  Don’t expect others to say what needs to be said…it is important to say what needs to be said.
5.                  Virtue is not a measure of how other people see me.  It is a careful balance of all things that make me human.  As such, all things in time and everything in it’s place.
6.                  People will always judge me.  It is important to learn to accept judgment with humility.
7.                  It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between anger and pain.
8.                  Love, is not a spoken language.
9.                  No one will ever be able to walk in my shoes.  It is important to learn to accept, that no one will ever know what it is like to walk in my shoes.
10.              Don’t ever look for sympathy because empathy finds me when I need it.
11.              We live in a time where knowledge and wisdom are available for all who desire them.  As such, ignorance is not acceptable.
12.              It does not hurt to help others.  It does not hurt to give to others.  It does not hurt to care for others.
13.              People need people.
14.              A wise man receives instruction.

15.              God is real.

Moving onward to 2014, I have decided that these principals are key in keeping of my resolutions
(which I may or may not post later).  I want to say to people; before your decide to begin anew, understand what it means to do so.  Don't go about telling yourself lies, promising yourself things that you full well know that you are not prepared to deliver on.  There is a difference in when others break our hearts, and when we break our own hearts.  Neither is acceptable.  Letting go of hurt and the things that hurt us is not an easy thing to do, but it's totally doable.  But we must be just as prepared to protect our hearts as we are to heal our hearts.  So take care of your hearts in 2014...and your hearts will take care of you.

I wish for you all, peace, happiness, love, comfort and growth.

Cheers to 2014...Happy new year!!

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